The governing body of the Company is the Management Board.

The Supervisory Board exercises permanent supervision over the activities of the Company in respect of all the areas of its operation and includes within it the audit committee and the related parties committee. The Supervisory Board comprises representatives of the Company’s shareholders.



    CEO and General Director, CANAL+ Polska

    Edyta Sadowska joined the management board of CANAL+ Polska (formerly platforma nc+) in February 2018 as vice president for programming.
    She was previously affiliated with, among other firms, Ringier Axel Springer Polska, where she was CEO. Then, as a member of the management board of the combined structures of Grupa Onet–RAS Polska (Ringier Axel Springer,, Media Impact Polska), she was responsible for building and implementing the strategy for growth and digital transformation of the largest press titles and online media. 


    Vice President and CFO, CANAL+ Polska

    Frédéric Berardi is the CFO, responsible for all activities in this area conducted by CANAL+ Polska. He oversees among others the functions of accounting, financial, purchasing and process control, and external audit, as well as logistics, collections and receivables.
    He has 19 years of experience as a CFO. He has worked for the CANAL+ Group since 2011, initially as a CEO in Africa and from 2013 as CFO and COO for VSTV at the CANAL+ subsidiary in Vietnam. He is a 1997 graduate of SKEMA Lille Business School, with the title Master in Finance. He previously served as CFO for such brands as Imperial Tobacco Group and Millicom Group. 


    Vice President for Technology and IT, CANAL+ Polska

    Jarosław Kordalewski previously served on the management board in 2011–2012. He began his career at CANAL+ in 1995, while he was still studying in the Department of Television, Institute of Electronics and Information Technologies, Warsaw University of Technology.
    In the subsequent years of his work at CANAL+, he was responsible for numerous technology projects, including directing the project of construction and fitout of the broadcasting and production facility at ul. Sikorskiego 9 in Warsaw. He also occupied positions with a steadily growing scope of responsibilities, including serving as engineer responsible for the functioning of TV systems (1997–1999), then as director of the Broadcasting Department (1999–2006) and director of the Technical Department (2006–2008), and finally, from 2008, managed the Technology and Systems Division as executive director. 


    Vice President for Sales and Logistics, CANAL+ Polska

    Before the merger of the platforms, from 2006, as a member of the management board of ITI Neovision and serving as Director of Sales and Logistics, he cofounded platform “n”. Earlier, from the beginning of his activity in Poland, he was affiliated with Philips. Through further stages in his career, he served as Senior Business Manager responsible for the markets of Central Europe. Working at the German headquarters of Media Saturn Holding, he was International Business Manager responsible for Europe.
    He is a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology. 


    Vice President for Programming

    Małgorzata Seck joined the Company in January 2020 as the programming director and was appointed to the position of the Vice President of the Management Board responsible for programming in May 2020.

    She started her professional career as TV channels (MiniMax, ZigZap, Hyper, MiniMini, Kuchnia+, Domo+) director at Canal+ Cyfrowy (1999-2013). Subsequently, she worked as content and video products development director for Netia S.A. (2013-2014) and as TV & content director for Orange Polska S.A. (2015-2019).